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You Talk Funny - Stand Up Comedy Weekend Workshop


There have been many people who did their first comedy gig and have since been gigging a lot in clubs in Dublin and beyond -

After several gigs you may have noticed that it is not just about preparing and delivering material but making that material fit to the room you are playing. Some comedians are terrified to talk to the audience - some fear heckles or don't know what to do with them.

Many have said to me they are very happy with their material but the real crux of stand up is connecting to the audience...
How do you connect with a room?
How do you create that energy on stage for yourself?
How do you get the best response from the audience for your set?

So I have decided to put a short course together to develop peoples awareness of crowd work.

  • Making a strong impact in the beginning of your set.
  • Reading the Room - adjusting your set to make the strongest connection.
  • Responding and reacting to the audience.
  • Tailoring your material to suit the room.
  • Thinking on your feet - being more spontaneous up there.
  • Making connections during your set to the audience and your material.


This is best served for comedians that are regularly gigging as I do not intend to have a gig at the end of the course but rather what we touch on is reflected in the gigs that you are doing currently. ( I suggest you try to get some short gigs to accompany the course)

The course is for developing, thinking about and delivering the material you have in a better way, that makes more impact.

What I want is for people to come with an open mind and not immediately say, 'What has this got to do with my joke about homeless people?' - the answer is everything - but it will be up to you to shape how you change your material going forward. The intention is to understand and identify the best mindset to approach an audience and certain invisible 'rules' that I have learned over the 20 years I have been on stage to get the best reaction from an audience or as it is commonly known ' crowd work'.

Please do share this with anyone you might know who might be interested,


Many thanks again folks,



Date: 7 July 2019

Time: 10:00 and 12:30



EUR 40

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