Events / Wisdom Together Conference June 2019 in Munich

Wisdom Together Conference in Munich, June 28 – 29, 2019

We live in times of rapid changes. The frameworks of understanding we used so far are no longer adequate, much of our language is outdated. We are facing challenges calling for new and inspired forms of thinking and engagement.

What moves you?


Many of us feel the need to further engage in something we deeply care about. However, do we really access our full potential and are we aware of the motivations that drive us?

How can we connect to ourselves and thus find engagement – from the inner core? Come to Munich and find out!What to expect


Interesting people from science, education, business and the arts come together and share their personal insights from their work and life. Meet and get inspired through talks, workshops and networking. Experience the emerging wisdom – together – in an open space where innovation and engagement combine.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich!


We invite


The young generation 

who wants to express their vision for the world, independent, free, unlimited. The ones who are asking questions and exploring the world, sharing their suggestions and imaginations.

The ones in charge

who are active in finding solutions and answers for the current questions in this world. The ones who understand, that we need to come together, that leadership means to tap into the collective wisdom. The ones who dare to test unconventional ways and shift the place from where they operate.

The ones who look back

who have created a world up to a certain point and can now look back and share their experience, their knowledge, their important moments and wisdom with others. The ones who have the freedom and the courage to be honest, bold, open and still curious. The ones who know, that we can create the world with our conscious field.

We all are coming together to be open, curious and willing to see life from the eyes of the other and others. Connecting through the Inner Core, Engaging for what wants to emerge and be ready to Create and build new ways of being.


Date: 28-29 June 2019

Start Time: 10:00



€168.19 – €397.55

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