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Snow in the Summer? by Entity Theatre Munich

Entity Theatre will present a collection of staged readings and short performances of plays on Climate Change, directed by Ashok Vasudevan (Artistic Director, Entity Theatre) and Katherine López (Environmentalist & Artist).



  • Pachamama – Katherine López
  • Birthday Suit – Mary Ann Karanja
  • hashtag Mother’s Rights – Mike Van Graan
  • The donation – Jordan Hall
  • Oh how we loved our tuna – Amahl Khouri
  • The Arrow – Abhishek Majumdar
  • A letter from the Ocean – Caridad Svich
  • Six polar bears fell out of the sky this morning – Alister Emerson
  • Blood on the leaves – Madeline Sayet



Abhiyash Jain, Fiona Rauch, Goutam Tanti, Jennifer Drake, Josh Knoll, Kate Scholes, Katherine López Rodriguez, Manuel Concepcion Brito, Shubham Pal, Sophia Gonzalez, Tanushree Chaudhuri, Vaishak Raju



Date: 18-21 November 2019




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