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Workshop: Decode Life & Relationships and Live Your Life Fully


Success, Love, Money, Career, Family and Relationships. How to have them all ?


Decode Life & Relationships and Live your Life Fully.


A whole day workshop:


From 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm


How can we live in constructive and healthy in relationships with ourselves and others?

Relationships are the central theme of our lives. The self-identity is the most effective way to achieve your own ego and your own will.  The Sentence of Intention is the most powerful Method to shed light on the root caused that have been influenced who you are.There is no need to know any personal details and no long talks.




  • Healing family and relationships and how to achieve peace & harmony in your family
  • Have better understanding and connections with your siblings, parents, children and generations 
  • Be happier, freed from inner-tensions and be cleared
  • Experience the power of family love
  • Clarity in making critical decisions including work, career, business, personal issues and relationships
  • Gain deep insights into team dynamics at your work environment, colleagues and company hierarchy
  • Identifying problematic areas and “blind spots” in your career and business





There are unseen forces that influence and disturb your ability to be successful, to live your life fully, even caused you at times to act in ways that seem to block your progress, whether in professional life or in your personal relationships. 

  • Patterns appear at work and in the family, for example, divorces, separations, diseases (e.g.  cancer , heart attacks , etc ) 
  • Suffering depressions or sadness 
  • Who remains single, repeats separations or divorces
  • Need to make critical decisions in life
  • Want to find out the hidden challenges of your business, career or relationships
  • Want to be “seen and recognised” at the work or in your family 


About the Expert speaker:


Rebecca Szeto has worked systemically as an IT manager for global companies such as Bank of America, Digital Equipment and others. Wanting to find a way to apply systems theory to human relationships.


Rebecca is a Business Consultant and Relationship Coach, specialised in delivering business solutions , identifying blind spots, revealing unseen dynamic and resolving conflicts and challenges for business, career and in family.


Lately Rebecca has focused on new methods using a Sentence of Intention as a starting point. This method very quickly reveals the deeper unconscious structure  behind the words.


She is an international traveller, has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, China and the Middle East, is often invited as guest speaker at the International Conferences.





Date: 10 July  2019,  Time: 10 am. to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm



238 euros

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