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Rethinking design of international work environments for the new normal



About the Masterclass 

In this masterclass by teacher Andres Erbe from IE Business School, you will learn about things you could consider to design the most optimal work environment in these current turbulent times. Food for thought you can use to make changes in your workspace, that of your department or for your company.


“Things aren’t going back to the way they were. Now, more than ever, we are on a steep learning curve, most obviously so in terms of an accelerating digital transformation. It is, however, beginning to dawn on us that change doesn’t stop there.  One of the most overlooked levers of organisational transformation are our spaces. Virtual, physical and mental spaces. As leaders we need to reflect on what our role is in creating these spaces.”


Illustrating his points with examples from his work, Andreas Erbe will explore how we might rethink our work environments, so they create sustainable value, send the messages we want, make us feel good and help us be more agile and productive.


During and after the masterclass there will be room for questions.


The masterclass is organised by IE Business School and will be held in English.

About the speaker

Andreas Erbe is an IE Alumnus, IE teacher, innovation consultant and coach who specialized in work environments. His work experience covers a wide range of assignments across industries and on different continents. He was among the pioneers of Design Thinking in Switzerland, leading and inspiring various organizations to become experience-driven companies. In 2012, he founded Launchlabs to pursue his passion for creating spaces for innovation and co-creation.


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Date: 22 May 2019

Time: 18h30 to 21h30



Free (registration required)

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