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Live Webinar on Soapmaking

Are you ready to start creating your own, 100% natural soaps with simple ingredients from the comfort of your kitchen?

In this live online workshop you will obtain both the theoretical and the practical know-how to create Natural Soaps safely and fully customized to your needs and taste, using the Cold Process of SoapMaking. A bit of science, loads of creativity and active sustainability.


SoapMaking at home is of great value, not only because it is a personal revolution against mainstream beauty products and toiletries but also cost effective. I will teach you how to make organic soap bars that not only costs less than a euro each but they also are 100% tailored to your needs. This introduction to the natural soapmaking world can be a personal shift to a more healthy, sustainable and low waste daily life but also a possibility of a new career.


What will you learn:

- What saponification is and how it all begun
- How to navigate through the process in a safe way
- What tools and raw materials you need, and how you can save money by using stuff you might already have in your kitchen
- How to create the soap bar you need for your needs and sensitivities
- Cold Method of soap making step by step, easy and fun
- How to give your soap color, scent and textures using only 100% natural ingredients
- How to make Kastille and Bastile soap
- Where can you find the tools and the ingredients you need



You can decide to work with me on the same time while I will explain and show everything live, or you can choose to just learn and practice on a later point. For those who want to practice in their own time, i can arrange a 30 'personal support meeting free of charge.


After your booking I will send you a 40 page ebook which is a full detailed guide with all theory and practice so you can be prepared (this ebook is available both in english and german language).


You also want to get the links to where to buy the ingredient.


Join me and take control of the product quality of your personal hygiene products. Explore, experiment and become a bubble ninja.




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Date: Sun, July 19, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST

Location: Online


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