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Learn to speak like Obama - improve your presentation skills


2-Day Course (26 & 27 March 2020 // 09:00 - 17:00)


Overcome your fears and insecurities and present confidently at meetings, conferences and in any business setting.


Learn from the award-winning speaker Mel Kelly and get feedback for your presentation skills from him. So that you too can communicate your ideas with a bigger and better impact.


This course is for you

• If you want to present information more convincingly.

• If you want to improve your charisma and confidence as a speaker

• If you want to get connect better with your audience


What You Will Learn

• Learn how to connect with your audience instantly

• Learn how to convince your audience of your point of view

• Build your charisma as a speaker

• Gain confidence standing in front of an audience

• Learn how to structure your communication

• Learn how to present information in a compelling manner



About Mel Kelly


Mel Kelly will show you with techniques from the public speaking and comedy worlds how to sharpen up your business communications to impress your colleagues, boss and customers.


Mel Kelly has given evaluations to thousands of presentations in ten countries over the last 15 years. In addition, he has the honour to have been awarded European titles in the Toastmaster Evaluation contests in both English and German. Mel brings his unique approach to bring your business communications to the next level.



Date: 15 January 2019

Time: 18:00 and 20:00



€599 + 19% VAT

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