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ExpatTalk2020: Opportunities in Times of Change


In this interview we will discuss expat FAQs regarding financial planning as an expat in Germany.


This year’s dichotomy of safety and opportunities is remarkable, especially when it comes to finances, and most importantly to how people behave.


Learn about how you can profit from your expat status in Germany: from basic must-haves to nice add-ons, regardless of your nationality, family status, or expected residence time.


During this interview you will receive insights regarding smart financial planning for expats through all life stages as we go over some of the most common financial consultancy topics of the year 2020. 


Get to know HORBACH Expats. We believe that financial freedom should be a right and not a privilege.


Followed by a live Q&A!


About the Speaker


Martina Chalar



Being an expat herself, Martina Chalar decided to make a career change and become the person she would have needed when she moved to Germany. Her multilingual background and multifaceted academic education shine through her consultancy style. With a fervent passion for taking on new challenges, she can guide you step by step through translating your personal goals into a solid financial plan through different life stages. The co-founder of HORBACH Expats is always eager to meet anyone looking to network, join the team, or merely seeking advice.




This ExpatTalk is part of the online ExpatTalks2020: Servus Munich! event on 5 December.


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Date: 22 May 2019

Time: 18h30 to 21h30



Free (registration required)

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