Events / Expat Talk: Leaving Germany? Claim your pension refund!

Leaving Germany? Claim your pension refund!

Ask the expert Christian Haas Fundsback
How non-EU expats can receive their pension contributions back from the German State.
About the Expat Talk
Are you a non-EU citizen employed in Germany? Then you are paying into the public pension system. These contributions are made to assure that the German State can take care of you when you've reached the retirement age. 
But what if “later” you are no longer living in Germany? What if you are hanging out on a beautiful beach in Bali or back home playing sports with your grandchildren? Wherever you will be outside Germany, you want to make sure you receive your pension money back the moment you leave Germany. 
The team from Fundsback discovered that the majority of expats leave their pension funds in Germany when they leave the country - for one reason only, they didn’t know that they were entitled to receive their money back. 
In this free of charge Expat Talk, especially for all non-EU expats living in Germany, CEO of Fundsback, Christian Haas will explain how to claim your pension refund when you are eligible and how he and his team can help you claim that money to invest it in whatever YOU want! 
After this Expat Talk you will know:
- how to find out if you are eligible to claim your pension contributions
- what to do when you are eligible to receive refunds
- how the Fundsback team can help you in the process
Expat Talk Program
16:00 - Presentation by Christian Haas
16:30 - Live Q&A 
16:45 - End of event

About the speaker 
Christian Haas is a former professional soccer player who, together with his partners, recognized very early that Non-EU Expats leave a substantial amount of money in Germany. That's why they have made it their mission to help expats optimize their financial security by helping them to recover their pension contributions or apply for a pension in a timely manner. 
About Fundsback
Fundsback is specialized in expat's pension needs. They support expats from non-EU countries to secure their pension rights against the German State since 2015. Every year many hundreds of expats use Fundsback's pension service to get their pension refund very easily.




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Date: 22 May 2019

Time: 18h30 to 21h30


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