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Expert Talk: Digital Stress Prevention

During the workshop you will learn simple and powerful tips and exercises to handle the consequences of digitalisation.
What is the aim of the workshop?
> Create awareness about digital eye stress/computer fatigue syndrome and the importance of a healthy posture and precautions while computing and using digital devices.
> Tips & Tricks as well as exercises to help you protect your brain, your eyes, your neck and shoulders and the whole body.
All the exercises are proven effective, perfectly safe and can be done at home!

About Leo Angart:


He is a Danish business consultant accomplished what many considered to be impossible. He restored his own eyesight naturally without surgery or expensive therapy sessions. He is by far the busiest Vision Trainer. He conducts his workshops all over the world. Leo’s work has been featured on TV by BBC Channel 4, CNN International, TV Berlin, Ireland AM and others.

He is the author of various books, workbooks… ex: Healthy Eyes Despite Computer, Nymphenburger Verlag 2015 / Healthy Computing, International Association of NLP Institutes 2005…

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Date: 16 May 2019

Time: 18h30 to 21h30




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