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Eclairs (English-speaking baking class)

There's magic in éclairs pastry... Have you ever wondered how éclairs rise in the oven? How come they are so soft? And how do you get a nice, shiny glaze on top?


Our experience shows that people are often surprised at how many steps and details are to be taken into account to make such delicious treats. From pastry-making, piping and baking, up to the specific éclairs sugar icing, French Chef Laura Hurter makes sure you get a thorough understanding and dedicated coaching to make beautiful éclairs.


This very unique class format is based on high-quality, organic ingredients and a very small number of participants (6 participants max). The purpose is not just to "participate" to the recipe. In teams of 2, participants make, pipe, bake, fill in and glaze their own éclairs, which makes it a very hands-on workshop.


Price includes lunch in nearby Café Marais (soup or quiche, drink, and coffee or tea), as well as refreshments during the class.

Come and enjoy an extraordinary pastry day!


Please bring an apron and one or several large boxes for the éclairs (you will not be able to staple them one on top of the other), as well as small glass jars for possible left-overs, if you wish. We like to support attempts to reduce packaging and food waste


Organiser of Eclairs (English-speaking baking class)

I come from beautiful Provence and learnt pastry art in France. I live in Munich now, where I give pastry classes in French, English and German about French specialties.
The purpose of my pastry classes is not only to teach you how to carry out a recipe, but to help you building up your general pastry skills and knowledge about foods.
The beauty of pastry is in considering a recipe in terms of taste, texture and shape altogether. However, we also live in an age where it is not easy finding out what for foods we're cooking and eating. We need to figure out where they come from, what "natural" or "chemical" means, and what for an impact those foods have on our environment and our health. As a food artisan, I consider myself part of a value chain, an "ecology", and feel concerned about the up- and downstream of this chain.

Date: 15 June 2019

Start Time: 10:00



159 EUR

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