­­Johannes Gröbl, M.A.


Learning is one of my passions! I love learning new stuff and I love to learn ways to make my learning more effective. I also love language (singular). Language can be something so beautiful. Think of your favorite poem, for example. However, I also love languages (plural), which is why I acquired a number of languages myself. As I am enthusiastic for the German language and for learning in general, being your German teacher is the perfect job for me. The integration of not only the classic methods, but also of advanced techniques and innovative methods into my German lessons, results in an outstanding learning experience. My aspiration is for you to feel really good in my German classes and to always look forward to the next one! That's why I am committed to excellence and striving for perfection. Be inspired. Be the star of the show. Achieve greatness in German.


Munich and its surroundings