Too many people think, that they are not talented enough to learn a foreign language and struggle a lot when they have to talk, be it when mastering German or any other language.

They are anxiously trying not to make mistakes, which causes even more mistakes. Possibly even making them give up, even though knowing German would help to truly feel at home and maybe even improve the career prospects in German companies.

We know this struggle all too well and saw it many times with our clients. It still remains amazing to see how quickly the fears can be resolved after following a program at Gedankenspinnerei. Now they speak freely and are comfortable with the feedback they receive. This is by far the most fulfilling part of our job! 

We help our clients wake up their inner language genius and provide them with the learning and motivation strategies for fast results and fun while doing it. Online and independent of target language.


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We look forward to talking to you, in any language!


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