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Expat in the City is all about inspiring and informing internationals living in Germany by connecting them to the best people and businesses who understand what it is like to be new in a country and in a new life.

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It is our passion to connect expats with all the services and inspiration that are out there waiting for them. We believe a successful life abroad starts with getting to know and finding these diverse opportunities. A new life abroad can be seen as a challenge - or as a gift. We want to help you discover the treasures it offers.


Expat Agents was established by Elisabeth Egger & Barbara Bijvank in order to serve expats and their families living and working in Munich. Having worked with and for expats for many years and starting of as expats ourselves, we act from personal as well as from professional experience that we want to share with our newcomers to Germany. It is our mission to support and accompany, guide and help expats to settle in their new environment.

We believe in online and offline, in mixing and mingling amongst the crowd and in putting a face to the services and people that surround us. Therefore we have committed to creating a platform and network that gives our expats in the City the opportunity to find information and inspiration, to get connected and to discover all that is already out there waiting for them.


Through the annual Expat in the City Fair, our many Expert Talks and online platform we have created an extensive network of great businesses and expats in Germany. Our aim is to help expats get connected and be inspired in their new home abroad - whenever, wherever they want.


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