We're bunq, Bank of The Free! We're a totally independent bank that removes borders and barriers in traditional banking. No branches, no queues, no paperwork, just immediate access from a mobile device. Users can share bank accounts with whomever they want, pay with worldwide Maestro and Mastercards wherever they go and get support whenever they need it.

We’re here to break free from the status quo, and create the bank with you in mind. Giving you the freedom to live life on your terms. 


We value progress - we revolutionize mobile banking - for you. You deserve the best. That’s why we’re building the Bank of The Free, together. Got an idea? Please share it with us on!


We value transparency - nothing to hide. Other banks hide their dirty business. We don’t have any.


We value freedom of choice - you decide what happens with your money - bunq is the only bank in the world where you decide what happens with your money. What's yours always stays yours. And we’ll never sell out your private information.


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